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A Visual Experience

creative expression

In February 2019, I began drafting concepts for a series of three new videos. This project would remain in ideation until later that year in July when the concept was finalised and it was launched into production.

The Takeaway project would then see 8 months in production in an on-and-off fashion in between my other commitments and served as a very involved creative outlet. Nearly 150+ hours were documented on the project, which doesn't include the many undocumented hours that were dedicated to its production over the course of 2019.

It wasn't until late January 2020 that the project would hit full steam ahead and it all began to fall into place. It was on the homestretch - finally achieving completion in February 2020.

The film features Bianca North - longtime friend and fellow adventurer - through a dreamscape style vision of a latent apocalypse. The interpretation as to what this means or implies is left entirely to the viewer.

VFX Evolution

My visual style

Takeaway fuses compelling show composition with unique VFX work. It had been almost 2 years since my last video of this style was premiered and the natural evolution of my VFX work and production style is very clear.

In July 2018, the Ocean Lyric Video was premiered, garnering over 20,000 views on YouTube (as of February 2020). In a way, Takeaway can be considered the sequel - it maintains a similar style whilst offering a natural evolution of my visual compositing style.

Behind the Scenes

Fuel your curiosity

Curious how the VFX film were constructed? Cop a behind the scenes look at some of the shots involved.

Cine Gallery

Explore some of the compelling scenes from the Takeaway video.

Photo Gallery

As much as I'm a video guy, I love capturing stills. These were captured on location shooting the Takeaway project at Mt Keira, Norah Head Lighthouse, Kiama and the Royal National Park.

Filmed throughout the course of 2019 and released in February 2020

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