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Queenstown New Zealand

Ski Trip 2017 - GoPro Film


Queenstown NZ


An unforgettable 10 days roaming around Queenstown and shredding the slopes.

Developing a visual style

Storytelling through visuals

New Zealand boasts an unimaginably beautiful landscape. Its soaring mountain ranges, scenic fairytale landscapes are the crown jewel of Oceanic territory. But rolling landscapes is not all it has to offer. Queenstown is adrenaline junkie heaven and delivers a rugged action-packed extreme sports experience. New Zealand finds itself the backbone of many modern day Instagram repost accounts - and it's understandable why. It's not to be described, it's to be seen.

During a uni ski trip to Queenstown, I took the opportunity to capture as much (as I could) of the sweeping New Zealand mountain ranges. I launched myself straight into the social-film-cine-vlog hybrid that was kicking the rounds at the time. This wouldn't be the last time I'd attempt the style either and was later followed by other films such as: In Your Time and North of Lost.

I produced the film in Final Cut Pro X with motion graphics from Apple Motion 5. The entire film was captured on a GoPro Hero 5, a testament to the often untapped potential of the tiny action camera.

Cine Gallery

During the post-production of this project, I began unveiling a VFX style that I could develop further in later projects. Visuals in the Queenstown project were composed using Apple Motion 5; I would later move on to After Effects and then Blackmagic Fusion.

GoPro Photo Gallery

As always, I strive to capture stills that reflect and accompany my projects to provide added depth. All of these are stills taken straight from my GoPro. A dreamy teal-pink style emerged and has so far remained unique to this particular set.

Filmed in July 2017 and released later that year in November


KREAM & Clara Mae - Drowning
Mako - Let Go Of The Wheel
Illenium - Beautiful Creatures (ft. MAX)
Illenium - Let You Go (ft. Ember Island)
Rico & Miella x TELYKast - Worth Fighting For
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