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To Those Who Dream

Episode One


The Promise of Progress

To Those Who Dream. Thank You

2017 was the year I became heavily involved with the GoPro culture and spent a significant amount of time capturing my experiences with the camera. As the year drew to a close, I felt the urge to revisit those moments and amalgamate them into a single high-energy edit – and so To Those Who Dream Episode One was born. The project was founded on the concept of hindsight – that these seemingly isolated memories would later develop to paint a more complete picture of my life and offer greater depth than they had previously.

I have been interested in dreams, really since I was a kid. I have always been fascinated by the idea that your mind, when you are asleep, can create a world in a dream and you are perceiving it as though it really existed.

Christopher Nolan

This entire project was filmed almost entirely on a GoPro Hero 5 throughout the course of 2017. It was composed in Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion 5 and is the final full length GoPro film I released before transitioning to the Canon 5D4.

Cine Gallery

Two Those Who Dream Episode One was captured almost entirely on a GoPro Hero 5 and is a representation of all that I accomplished with the tiny action camera before shifting into a more professional gear.

GoPro photography

In a similar vein to the Line of Sight project, the following collection of stills includes some of my most captivating GoPro shots as a demonstration of some of my early creative portfolio.

Filmed throughout the course of 2017 and released in January 2018.


Marshmello - Silence ft. Khalid (Illenium Remix)
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