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Humble beginnings

Much of my early filmography published to social media was captured on a GoPro Hero 5. Looking back, it was nothing special, but it undoubtably launched me headfirst into the world of cinematography and embracing the style of dramatic, trendy travel edits.

Many of the following short punchy edits were filmed throughout the course of 2017 for the purpose of dropping on Instagram.


Jason's first published attempt in the travel-film style surfaced following a weeklong trip to Melbourne, Australia for the Australian Open 2017 with a small friend group. Having personally been involved with both tennis and ballkid operations in both Sydney and Melbourne, the Australian Open was the perfect place to begin my film journey - it felt natural.  Captured over the course of the week and released both on YouTube and Instagram (in two consecutive parts), whilst not my first rodeo with a camera or with filmmaking this film still represents an important anchor in my filmmaking journey.

Krane x Ghasper - Fake Friends
Captain Cuts - Love Like We Used To (Party Pupils Remix)

ROC Race 2017

An important part of my filmmaking process is balancing work and fun - it's important to know when to drop the camera and not ruin the moment. Having volunteered and run the obstacle course organised by ROC Race in prior years, in 2017 I took the camera with me. As I was injured at the time (having had a nasty run-in with a gang of oysters), Blake took the reins of the camera for a portion of the course.

Join myself, Robbie, Jakob, Michael, Blake, Anna and Steph as we take on the obstacle course on home ground - Sydney Olympic Park.

Tritonal - Untouchable (MILLON Remix)
ARMNHMR & YDG - Need You (Olmos Remix)
The Him - Balance (feat. Oktavian) [Joe Mason Remix]
Two Can & Savoi - Holding On To You (Gianni Marino Remix)

Somersby Falls

Shortly following the ROC Race video, whilst up north of Sydney in Gosford I took off with Robbie's GoPro 4 for a swim at Somersby Falls and combined it with some footage I shot previously in the Royal National Park. A little rain was never gonna stop us.

 Big Gigantic - The Little Things (feat. Angela McCluskey) [Kasbo Remix]

Sydney Harbour

There's no doubt that the best natural film light occurs at sunrise and sunset - so much so that (particularly in my later films) my colour grading style emulates these tones. Sydney Harbour is no exception. This short was filmed at Circular Quay and Mrs Macquarie's chair over two days (two sunsets are better than one!)

M-Phazes x Ruel - Golden Years

Related photography

As always, I strive to capture stills that reflect and accompany my film visuals to provide added depth. These stills are a testament to the power of the GoPro despite its small size.

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