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North of Lost

Sydney 2018


On the edge

You're standing on the edge of a national park. Overlooking breathtaking cliffside scenery. It's beautiful. And powerful. All that's in front of you is that deep blue vast oceanic expanse. The closest landmass is 4000km away.

Feeling it? Good. Now cop a watch of my stylistic take on the experience.

Not exactly on the main road

Robbie and myself stumbled upon an abandoned bunker at the edge of these cliffs in North Sydney overlooking the largest and deepest of Earth's oceanic realms – the Pacific Ocean. It still remains one of my top locations in my home city of Sydney.

The project was filmed on my Canon 5DIV and composed using Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion 5.

Filmed in early January 2018 and released later that year in June.

Cine Gallery

Embrace the unfamiliar.


Captured on location at North Head, Sydney.


Sweet Talker - Burn It Up All Night
Flume - Numb & Getting Colder (feat. Kucka) [Baauer Remix]
Mako - Way Back Home
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